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  • Jonathan Calixto

#JCaliStyle: All Camel Everything

Now the camel trend has been in my site since last winter, but I’m excited to see that the trend has only evolved for this season. Even being considered for head to toe looks. I think that is just perfect! You have fashion options, whether you want to be subtle and incorporate hints of camel or shades of the brown tan shade – perfect, but if you want to make a statement on an evening out go full camel.

Flatly: Hat: Vintage Item; Watch: Forever 21 Men; Chinos: H&M; Sunglasses: ShopNoraNYC; Motor Jacket: Forever 21 Men; Belt: H&M; Loafers: Zara; Wallet: Nakoa Leather

The fun thing about camel is that you can mix it with other tones of items all men already own – black, and navy. This Summer, I was in my incorporating tones of camel and did a look paired of:

Forever 21 Men Camel Motor Jacket, beige H&M t-shirt, H&M black faded jeans, and beige Boohoo Chelsea boots. So I went with one staple camel item, an off shade close to camel as a way to make the look concise to the naked eye, and then black tones kind of elevating it a little more. Black mixed with lighter color only makes those colors pop even more.

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