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  • Jonathan Calixto

#PFW : Day 1 - Easy & Comfortable With A Statement Piece

"I hopped off the plane at L.A.X [Paris] With a dream and my cardigan [long vest] Welcome to the land of fame excess (whoa), Am I gonna fit in?"

- Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA

Total vibes as I got right off the plane in Paris and headed straight into the rush of Paris Fashion Week.

With so much to do, from prepping for events in the upcoming days with Riviere Agency to having a presentation to attend in a few hours, immediately I thought my day one outfit needed to be comfy and easy.

Before heading out for PFW I made some polaroids of my looks (travel hack #1). It's so easy to get confused with items you pack, that photographing the looks really is essential. Even if you can't take a polaroid, just snap a picture of the outfit on your phone and you're good to go. Ofcourse before all this I had to confirm that the weather would work with the outfits I had in mind, not so lucky for me it seemed that the days would be cooler and at night it would be extremely chilly. So for day one, I went with a short-sleeve turtleneck (Zara), light denim jeans (H&M), white sneakers (Zara), cat-eye sunglasses (Nectar Sunglasses), watch (Invicta), and a two-tone long vest (ELLE at Kohl's).

It was easy, comfortable, yet trendy enough because Paris is all about a good standout/statement piece. The long vest was my statement piece that gave a little flare without being overwhelming. Especially after a long 6hr flight, that included some slight delays before actually heading out from the JFK airport, it seemed right.

After getting into my day 1 look, it was time for a quick lunch!

Yay for french fries - perfect for starting my Parisian adventures. Paired with toast and salmon, and a side of salad. Not to my surprise, I didn't enjoy all the veggie additions but the salmon was delicious plus you can never go wrong with french fries whether in New York or Paris. Either way,the restaurant was such a nice establishment that played some great latin music from Marc Anthony to La India - oh yeah they went there!

After a quick bite, it was time to kickoff PFW with a Spring/Summer 2019 Presentation for Adeline Ziliox. This was a lot of fun because it also allowed me to get a peak at other designer's collection.

From stripes, to bold tones, plaid, and lots of couture pieces it was exciting to see designer's ideas for the fashion world.

After the presentation, it was time to feast once again. This time noodles were on the menu, a nice hidden spot recommended by my director. Let me tell you, from the moment you arrive there is a wait outside the door, a clear sign that something tasty awaits. Then to seeing the cooks preparing the noodles through a window, by this point you can't help but just hope your group is called next!

Once we were seated, I decided to try duck - so I went with noodles and duck (yes I excluded the veggies this time). Once the food arrived, it was so warm, so yummy and the reward was a good ending meal to start my Paris weekend.

Thank you for recapping my day 1 of Paris Fashion Week.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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