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  • Jonathan Calixto

#JCaliStyle: A Day In The City

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it could very much be timeless, just like the weather! Today while it was fairly sunny outside there was also a breeze and that was the perfect excuse to bring out one of my new favorite light sweaters. I've been saving this pink Zara sweater for a day like this. Also, if you've checked out my Men's Trend page on the July/August issue of BELLA NYC you will know that this summer it's all about pastel takeover. What does that even mean? Light tones are in gentlemen! Don't be afraid to brighten up your closet and explore the fun tones of pastel, either in formal head to toe looks OR in small amounts with your daily outfit. Ofcourse, JCali likes to go big or go home so I incorporated a few bright tones into my outfit today.

The easy thing about my outfit was how accessible it was to find neutral and pastel tones in some of my go-to stores such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. Today while I was spending a day in the city, it consisted of work followed by a work event. I wanted an outfit I could transition from office to event, day-to-night. While I usually put an outfit together from top to bottom, this particular look I started at footwear first. I already owned these wood brown J.Crew chelsea boots (sidenote: they were my first pair of chelsea boots and also a gift - very special place in my small shoe collection) so I wanted to build around it, and luckily I also owned these beige chinos from H&M. Immediately I knew I wanted to choose a color that could compliment the brown and beige tones, which is how I ended up with a light blue shirt (the whole mandarin collar style is really in), which I've been seeing so often but I always think of only to wear to a beach or on vacation, but I took a chance on this option. Now, I am huge on layers or having a sweater, jacket, vest, scarf - something extra on - so I wanted something light I could carry. Yes it's summer, but I love what I love. While I was looking for what would work I honestly stumbled upon this pink sweater very accidentally, but it worked. So my tip is when using as a base darker tones it's very simple to choose to stay in darker tones (it's a very sexy look at night and it works) but to make a transitional outfit or have fun with your wardrobe - go with lighter tones. The pink was also in the pastel tones like the blue shirt, but the navy detail on the sweater helped add some distinction between the two items. Which to the eye adds dimension and you start to notice a transition from one color to the other, rather then making it look like one splash of color.

So next time you are having yourself a day in the city this summer, try adding some pastel tones. While you are at it, show me your best "Day in The City" outfit and just add #JCaliStyle - I'd love to feature it on my page!

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