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  • Jonathan Calixto

#JCaliBlog: City of Dreams

Dear Readers,

Many would say this is where dreams come true, well you are right! Unfortunately, for a long time I didn’t think so. Being born and raised in the Bronx, and at the age of 13 beginning to explore New York City I wasn’t convinced this was where I was meant to be. Let’s just say high school played a big role, but that’s a story for another time. Then going to Pleasantville, NY for college definitely had me grow fond to the idea of being away. Like all good stories it must come to an end and after graduating from Pace University – I moved back home.

I graduated during the Fall semester so that meant being home through winter break knowing I wouldn’t be moving back for the Spring semester. So when Spring semester finally came along, it was a little difficult not having a plan and being stuck at home feeling like a stranger in the city I had been born and raised in. After a few months, yes few months! I began to explore by weekends going to meet with friends to walk around and sightsee. It wasn’t until the summertime in which through interviews I found a dream internship that I had to learn to be an NYC commuter all over again.

I purchased a monthly-pass which is refilled on the 15th of every month, and I committed to seeing everything the city had to offer me. Whether it was waiting for delayed trains, witnessing the talented people that were sharing their gift with everyone – so fearless, or re-learning the art of transferring from one train to another I had to stop one day, take off my head phones and think about what it meant to be back in the city.

So after almost a year of being back, I’ve realized this city will make or break you, it’ll embrace you but also fearlessly tear you down, from one second to the other you’ll see beauty but also the very dark and lonely places, no one every sleeps, you’ll never stop surprising yourself by what you find, and finally you’ll never trade it for any other experience! Being back has meant finding another part of confidence in being myself.

So next time you are commuting, dealing with delays, or someone comes into the train cart to showcase their talent – take off your headphones and just take in the noise that is New York City because everyone is trying to find themselves and make it in the City of Dreams.


Jonathan Calixto - This Is JCali

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