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  • Jonathan Calixto

#JCaliBlog: MTV VMA's 2017 Favorite Looks

I remember watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) every year and wondering how close the school semester was from starting. While I don't have to look forward to school now, I still watch for all the performances, awkward moments, and of course FASHION. So here's a little recap of my favorite looks this VMA season.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer, Demi Lovato has nothing to apologize over this look. Wearing custom Zuhair Murad, which featured a sheer top with sparkly harem pants, it was perfect for such occasion. Styled by Law Roach, the stylist gave Billboard an insight to the look saying "...with the MTV VMAs you have the freedom to be very creative and do whatever you want." My reason for why it was one of the best looks is because this year in women's fashion leisure wear is at its peak, and this look shows exactly how to look comfy but yet glamourous. Very simple pieces with unique aesthetics for the win. Slay Demi slay

(Photo courtesy of Demi Lovato's Instagram @DDLovato)

Another look which had me smiling from a "she did that" vibe was Cardi B. My fellow Bronx native, reality star and rapper always slays at any occasion from music videos, events, and performances. You can count on her to pull out the trendiest garments and she didn't disappoint at this years VMAs. She took a different approach for her VMAs red carpet look in an all white jumpsuit that featured a waist cape, from one of my favorite designers, Christian Siriano. Now, her look was no mistake as you could notice her small homage to legend Madonna with her cone top look. Plus, her look was tied together with the short hair and soft make-up with nude lip. All around well thought out.

(Photo courtesy of @CardiBSupport on Instagram)

Now, I'm a huge fan of power suits and Echosmith brought a trendy, easy, and fresh vibe to the VMAs in Armani. While, I haven't personally listened to many tracks from the group, through their interview and how they were dressed I will definitely keep an eye out. Also, I loved how Sydney sported the double-breasted blazer, very trendy this season. Sometimes fashion doesn't have to be over the top and this was definitely a good collective look for this group of siblings.

(Photo courtesy of @JustJaredJR on Instagram)

The men also bring it on the red carpet, and this season I must say, Machine Gun Kelly "did that". In Thom Browne, he brough trend, gentlemen, and summer look all in one. I love how open and free his style is but for this VMA look it felt very put together, which is a great thing. His look was also very transitional, you could use all the pieces together or individually and it would still be as fresh as his ensemble. Usually we don't see MGK in such a coordinated attire but he did good with this choice, like straight out of a magazine cover. Stripes are very in this season and I love how the pattern along with color tones compliment one another and aren't distracting but easy for the eye to follow from top to bottom.

(Photo courtesy of @IAmBridgeThiaarai on Instagram)

I feel like with this choice I'm definitely going to get mixed reviews, but Vanessa Hudgens in YANINA Couture was another one of my favorite looks of the night. Red, is a staple color which we will see more of in the fall so I think this was the perfect time to wear it, especially on a blue carpet. Also, the pedal details and sheer detail from the mini dress to floor was something to live for. Complimenting her look, her short hair was a good touch to not distract from the dress. She also looked stunning for the Teen Choice Awards a few weeks ago, so I think this red carpet season she will be one to look out for.

(Photo courtesy of @ExtraTV on Instagram)

Lastly, my girls...Fifth Harmony did not come to play when it came to taking the VMA stage. The ladies took the award for Best Pop Video of the Year alongside Gucci Mane for "Down" and their performance had everything we wished plus more, including some rain. Now, back to the fashion! While I personally did not like their collective red carpet group, Normani Kordei shined in a sparkly black dress. The real fashion "YAS", was their performance look. Over the years, especially in this new era, their stylist has been concise with involving personal touches unique to each woman but still looking collective as a group. I loved the black, silver, and space vibes. Definitely played into the VMA theme of "moon man" and it seemed futuristic. From glasses detail, to oversized jacket they did that. Shoutout to D Bleu Dazzled for their performance outfits.

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